Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The First Sharrows...

The first use of "sharrows," or shared-lane pavement markings, made their appearance on North Little Rock's streets this weekend, along stretches of the two-way street in Riverfront Park, and on the new "bike boulevard" on Brother Paul Drive east of Riverfront. Very nice to see them put into use!

Still a couple bugs in the system though... apparently we didn't take into consideration on-street parking along that stretch of Brother Paul, so riding on the sharrow puts you right square in the door zone... notwithstanding that the two cars shown here are parked way out from the curb in the first place... There's no sign prohibiting parking along this street, but I don't recall one saying it's allowed, either...

Looking east:


...and a look back west:

Now that we've got them going into place, it's high time to get some outreach going for the biking and motoriing public just as to what these things mean...